Documentary photography project, which dedicated to the LGBT community living in this Transnistrian region of Moldova.
Transnistria is an internationally unrecognised region that has declared itself independent. Transnistria remains de jure part of the Republic of Moldova, although the government has no control over the region. Hence the area remains an island of Russian influence in the immediate vicinity of the borders of the EU, and is a kind of time bubble reminiscent of the Soviet era, which is evident primarily in the mentality of the people.
Being born in the forgotten region of eastern Moldova as an LGBT person is difficult and often dangerous. The majority discourse considers homosexuality as an unhealthy deviation from the norm and as something that is never discussed. In Transnistria, there is silence about different sexual orientations and there is silence even about physical attacks on members of the LGBT community. Carolina Dutca is trying to break the taboo through a photography series about 17 people dealing with an internal struggle between their very nature and the expectations of their society; a struggle to find their place and identity in a world that is not ready to accept them just yet.
In Transnistria, where the author comes from, the exhibition sparked a great deal of discussion after it had to be cancelled due to pressure from the local KGB.
Media from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, France and Czech Republic take an interest in this project
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